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Integration of climate risk into the strategy of financial institutions


Build an appetite for climate risk, by defining the level of climate risk consumption while adapting it to regional or sectoral factors

It is also necessary to intensify the bank's risk culture by integrating climate risk (education and strategic impact assessment projection)

· Marketplace benchmark based on regulators' expectations​​

· Mapping of regulatory gaps​

· Plan for implementing regulatory requirements within institutions

Internal Organization

Reduce the impact of risk on the bank to think of a different kind of support for clients

Support strategic positions related to climate risk with reliable studies and analyses

· Integration of risk and capital measures into medium-term financial planning​ based on in-house risk score boards​

· Multi-criteria analysis according to 8 axes of the organization's internal practices

Management Tools

Optimize the defined risk profile by anticipating the impacts of a transition and thus reallocate risk to green clients or financing

This will enable the implementation of outsourcing, risk reduction or hedging schemes

· Matrix approach with the integration of the climate risk dimension ​

· Taxonomy approach, classification tool and basis for future regulations​

· Specialized Risk & Analytics team to preform stress testing and propose scenarios


Communicate clearly on your climate risk management methodology and program:

Communicate on your strategy to take into account the climate risk in your investments

Communicate on your green side (ESG and TCDF)

· Release public statements to demonstrate your integration of climate risk goals​

· Local and Global partnerships with recognized leaders in the market